Home Celebrity Scoop Isabel Preysler steals spotlight from daughter Tamara Falcó ahead of wedding.

Isabel Preysler steals spotlight from daughter Tamara Falcó ahead of wedding.

The Unexpected Separation

Half a year has passed since the unexpected separation of the ex of Julio Iglesias and Vargas Llosa, a moment when the famous “socialite” surprised with the way she managed this situation. And she, a reflection of elegance and etiquette, decided not to stay silent and answer the information that was leaked from the Nobel’s environment, which revealed intimate details of her coexistence with the Peruvian. The criticism towards her reached such a level – which was aggravated when a posthumous letter from Miguel Boyer’s eldest daughter was made public, which did not leave the Filipina in a good place – that even Julio Iglesias decided to take up a lance in favor of his ex-wife.

The Queen of Hearts

Now that the waters are slowly returning to their course, at a time when her public appearances have been significantly reduced, her presence at the wedding of Lucía Domínguez Vega-Penichet, a friend of the family, to which she attended with her younger daughters, made her the center of all praises again. Her style and beauty, at 72 years old, contrasted with that of the Marquesa de Griñón, whom she totally eclipsed. And it is that the winner of ‘MasterChef’ was not very favored with the dress she chose, a model of her Pedro del Hierro collection that gave her a very dull look. She looks just as beautiful with a size 38 as with a 42, but when compared to her mother, 30 years older than her, the queen of hearts won by a landslide.

A Source of Inspiration

“My mother, a continuous source of inspiration,” Tamara wrote on her social networks along with a photo with her progenitor arriving at the ceremony. In addition, Preysler did not hesitate to answer the reporters present there with a big smile and kindness, something that, for some time now, the Marquesa has stopped doing due to media harassment. And it is curious, because it was precisely her sympathy and naturalness in front of the media that made her win the favor of the press and part of society, which was sharpened when she won the culinary “talent”. From this success, her popularity grew like foam, something that Netflix did not want to waste.



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