Isabelle Adjani : in anger, she responds to criticism after it cancelled its coming to Australia

Isabelle Adjani has been controversy in Australia. The fact that it cancel its participation in the Festival of Sydney has greatly annoyed the director, Wesley Enoch. A few days after its announcement, the actress has taken to explain himself in a long gallery.

His decision had been controversial. On the 8th January last, the date of the opening of the Festival of Sydney, Isabelle Adjani had cancelled his trip to the event. It, which was to occur from 21 to 26 January at the poster of the play Opening Night, had made it known through his director that she could not make it on the spot because of the fires ravaging Australia. “This is due to a conjunction between medical reasons for Isabelle, and the situation in Australia with these fires and the smoke “, was revealed in the Parisian Nicolas Roux, who said that this wasn’t a “caprice” of the star of 64 years. According to his words, the doctor, the actress would have indicated him that it was ” too dangerous for her to be exposed to the fumes. “Only here it is : the news has been very poorly received by Wesley Enoch, the president of the Festival. In the columns of the Sydney Morning Herald, he is violently taken to the star of the day of the skirt.

Isabelle Adjani responds to the controversy

The Australian 51-year-old had shown very hard to Isabelle Adjani. “It is depressing for those of us who must live with it, I’m very angry and affected. The signal that this gives, is that they don’t care about us, but more of themselves and their fears, ” he blasted. And if the mom of Gabriel-Kane and Barnabas is first remained silent, she was just reacting to the controversy. In a column published by the newspaper The World, she recalls that she has, of course, aware of the seriousness of the events. But according to her, his coming would not have arranged the situation, quite the contrary. “No, art does not care for all, provides the one who embodied the “Reine Margot” on the big screen. It is no longer to appear on stage, to play when that which lives in us, it is the decency and the respect due to the victims of the flames. The artists are not there to feed the denial. “

For Isabelle Adjani, it is more important to do than ” arguing about the fact that it cancels or not.” This is exactly what she accuses Wesley Enoch, that it would ” not [been able to] reconcile himself to shake the hand of “. “He debunked our small troop with his disappointment in the media and on the festival’s website, the treatment that he administers on-the-fly to all of the other international artists who have decided to cancel their participation. […] We are artists and, today, more than ever, our task is to give meaning to things. We don’t want to watch the world from above, but to be in it, without we to barricade herself in the lap of luxury or a bubble of oxygen VIP “,he thus answered the ex of Jean-Michel Jarre. What reset the clock to the hour.