Home Celebrity Interviews Isabelle Boulay, Eric Dupond-Moretti: Discreet Love Story with Attractive Actor, Star-Struck.

Isabelle Boulay, Eric Dupond-Moretti: Discreet Love Story with Attractive Actor, Star-Struck.

Isabelle Boulay’s Love Story

Thursday July 6th, Isabelle Boulay celebrated her 51st birthday. A new beautiful year is announced for her alongside her beloved and fiancé Eric Dupond-Moretti, Minister of Justice. But if another love story had lasted, it is perhaps with another that she could have celebrated this special day. Some have certainly forgotten or never knew but the sublime Canadian singer has been in a relationship with a comedian and actor who has been seen in several films such as Fatal, Asterix at the Olympic Games or Paris at all costs.

Stéphane Rousseau & Reem Kherici

This is Stéphane Rousseau, also Canadian. An idyll of three years, from 2000 to 2003, lived in the greatest discretion. And at their separation, they managed to remain on good terms since in 2004, they met again during the recording of a special Christmas show, dedicated to the singer. Stéphane Rousseau then made another star crack, who has just become a mother, Reem Kherici who was also in a relationship with Philippe Lacheau from 2010 to 2014. Reem Kherici had even made them both play in 2013 in the film Paris at all costs.

Isabelle Boulay & Eric Dupond-Moretti

Isabelle Boulay, then, was in a relationship with her producer Marc-André Chicoine with whom she had a son named Marcus (born in October 2008) and now she is with the love of her life Eric Dupond-Moretti. A special relationship with a very busy man and often in the spotlight but they have found their balance. In Paris Match, the singer said: “When I met Eric Dupond-Moretti, he was already the man he is. And it is this man that I love. But I don’t feel in his shadow either. It is very important to have a place where you can breathe another air than that of your spouse. I don’t live with him at the ministry, he has his sphere, I have mine. And we have a common world which is a preserve. After that, for any woman, it is not the best news to know that her partner is going to do politics. “And when she says “partner”, she means “fiancé” because the union has not yet taken place, they are already pacsed. “Already when one is engaged, one is promised. So, when one is promised, one is already almost married. That’s my vision of things. But it’s maybe also that, by excess of romanticism, I like to be an eternal fiancée. And if I am engaged to someone, I am necessarily married “she said to RTL. A beautiful romance.



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