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Isabelle Ithurburu: TF1’s new star touched by colleagues’ support.

Isabelle Ithurburu Leaves Canal+ Group

It is a page that turns for Isabelle Ithurburu. The 40-year-old journalist is preparing to leave the Canal + group. She joined in 2009, presenting several programs on Infosport + such as Sports Sunday and The Evening Edition. Since 2021, she has been hosting the Canal Rugby Club, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Thankful Farewell

The companion of Maxim Nucci had then taken the opportunity to thank the group. This Sunday, June 11th, she was begged by her colleagues to stay. Indeed, they each had a t-shirt representing a letter, in order to form the phrase “Isa, stay, we love you”. A perfect tribute, or almost … Because someone was missing to make one of the “S”. The journalist then volunteered to do this task, although she was not supposed to be in this picture originally since it was intended for her. “The “S” had let them down … I volunteered”, she then wrote in the caption of this photo that she shared on her Twitter account, adding: “In truth, thanks a lot … you made my weekend“.

Nikos Aliagas on Quelle Epoque

To remind, Isabelle Ithurburu will join TF1 and replace Nikos Aliagas at the head of the celebrated show 50 Minutes Inside. Last Saturday, in the show Quelle Epoque broadcast on France 2, the famous 54-year-old presenter returned to the reasons that motivated him to leave this cult program. “This year, I already had the Star Academy, The Voice … It’s a lot of preparation. Being omnipresent on the air also means being physically there … I messed up this year, I fell off the stage at one point on the Star Ac, I hurt myself very badly, I fell from close to two meters, I tore my adductors and broke my foot but I got back on stage and I finished the show because it was my way of clinging and forgetting the pain. Except that afterwards, I had to do the whole season of The Voice ! “, he explained, among other things, adding: “You must not be greedier than your desires …”.



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