It’s over between Raimondo Todaro e Francesca Touches: he leaves home, she wrote to Valentin Support Today

So thundered that it rained. It’s over between Francesca Touches and Raimondo Todaro, renowned dancers to join the cast of ‘Amici di Maria De Filippi’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ After weeks of rumors, it’s the weekly More to proclaim the end of the relationship after thirteen years of love, and a daughter, Jasmine. It is not clear whether the crisis was triggered by the alleged sympathy of Francesca for Valentin, a student dancer Friends, but what is certain is that between the two the relationship continues even after the deletion of him from the reality show, which took place two weeks ago.

Francesca Touches and Raimondo Todaro are left

To reveal the break-up between Francesca and Raimondo is a friend of the former couple. “Now they have lost from different ways and have decided to go to live in different homes – he explains – at The end of December, whilst the attempts to save the marriage for their daughter, they arrived to the break. At the beginning, at least by Todaro, there was the will to fix things but then it has not been possible and he if there is andao from home. Today Raimondo is bitter“.

“Bitter” is an understatement at the end of a love story as important as that of Francesca and Raimondo. Until now the two have been one of the most beautiful pairs in the solid world of the show. No gossip had accompanied their relationship until a couple of months ago, when the weekly magazine Chi has revealed the alleged jealousy of Todaro against Valentin, 22-year-old of Romanian origin, a student dancer in the talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi. The choreography is too sexy would set fire to Raimondo. Can it be true?

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What is certain is that between Francesca and Valentin sympathy continues. After the “hearts” that the two are exchanged on Instagram in the past few days, the titles continue: yesterday, the ballerina has posted on his profile a video in which she dances with Valentin, adding, “Thank you.” He responded with yet another emoticon in the shape of a heart. Also highlight how to Tap to continue to support the guy despite the fact he is in open war with the production, which has said goodbye after being eliminated from the game following a quarrel took place live with Maria De Filippi.

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