Ivana Mrazova made: “Surgery is inevitable”

Health problems for Ivana Mrazova, that flew in his home country, the Czech Republic, in order to undergo a surgery. To announce it on Instagram is the same model, became famous after participating in the Big Brother Vip together with the current companion Luca Onestini.

How is Ivana Mrazova

“I think it is only fair that I tell you the reason why they are still in the Czech Republic – said Ivana – The reason is that this Friday I have to do an operation, an intervention, but nothing dangerous fortunately. Only that I got glwith the exams and have not gone well, so it is an operation inevitable. But you need not worry about absolutely, it is a fairly simple but necessary”.

Ivana does not clarify, therefore, the reasons that make necessary the shelter, but simply to reassure the fans, and the situation is under control. The operation will be Friday 6 September.

Beside her is the family, ready to give her the support that he needs at this delicate moment. “Peace, Relaxation, Family.. Everything that I needed. And I am enjoying it to the maximum!”. Absent, however, at least for the moment, Onestini, which is still in Italy.