Jacqueline, the daughter of Heather Parisi: “If I tried visibility, I would already be on tv to get a few things”

Jaqueline Moon Of James, the daughter of Heather Parisi which had already made itself felt during the broadcast of ‘Live – Not the d’urso’, is back to talk about the delicate relationship with the mother through stories Instagram.

“Why don’t you ask where are the other two daughters?”, was the provocative question addressed via social while the former ballerina was a guest of Barbara d’urso with her husband Umberto Maria Anzolin father of twins Elizabeth and Dylan, an intervention that has elicited different reactions from followers, including one in which the 19-year-old, born from the relationship of Heather Parisi, an orthopedic surgeon Giovanni Di Giacomo, responded in a hard way and in a timely manner.

Jacqueline, the daughter of Heather Parisi: “I’m 19 years old and I have all the right to speak”

On Instagram Stories Jaqueline James has shared the message arrivatole from an anonymous account: “I think that you your mother’s interests, very little otherwise not laveresti dirty linen in public”, has written a user: “if I Were you I would not seek advertising as easy as you are doing. Of the people who has shone with the reflected light in the life of your mother, there is already a lot, do not need to that you also add to the list. The choice to go live with your father was your and only your and in Rome, everyone knows, so do not complain. As all Rome knows that you’re certainly not an example of fairness and morality. Enjoy these moments of celebrity for the little that can last. the face you’ve already lost, forever.” Timely, then, was the reaction of the girl that has replied in terms very stringent.

“The fact that you hide behind a fake profile speaks for itself. In Rome everybody knows they are not an example of morality? I don’t know who you are and how you know me but I would like to respond. I am not seeking any type of visibility, otherwise I would be already on television to get a few things from the shoe”, has written Jaqueline: “I had a simple question on my profile Instagram, a simple question very honest. As you obviously don’t know I lived 3 years in Hong Kong with my mother and in 2013 I returned to Italy. The reasons don’t concern you and writing what you are writing proves to be a total idiot, not aware of the facts.”

“I’m studying acting in America because here I can breathe and not be persecuted by the fame of my mother”, we read: “The fact that you think that he is looking at her for having a light makes you realize how you can not know me. Your words don’t affect me, the only reason I answer is because you said a tide of absurdity. Write me with your first and last name without the lion from the keyboard. And the moments of celebrity, not me them, I enjoy now, do you think you will be happy seeing all the newspaper articles about my mother? I am a daughter of 19 years and I have all the right to speak. I accept the consequences in silence, but I do not come to say that I do all this on purpose for visibility. The visibility that miro, my ambition, my dream that I’m trying to accomplish is to make art, to be in the world of cinema, and convey a range of emotions and telling stories through a screen. Certainly not go on television to tell the story of my 4 money”.

Jaqueline James defends the father: “he’s a hero to me, a man, and an extraordinary physician”

The long the thought of Jacqueline was concluded with a consideration of father John Of James, which is particularly linked: “Not to allow you never to judge those who raised me. I am a girl of 19 years grown from a father extraordinary as well as man and physician to estimate that he taught me and taught every day, the value of life. My dad is a hero to me, the most important person of my life”.

“He is a great man who over time has grown to be a great woman, with values and principles. We’ll see you in a few years, and my face will always be this. Clean, without nothing to hide, and certainly will not be lost, this I can assure you,” he said again and then close the speech with a lapidary “certain comments do not tolerate it” in the last history social.

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