James Middleton: Rare Revelations on Sister Kate’s Quirks.


James Middleton: Proud of His Sister Kate

We know a lot about James Middleton, the younger brother of Kate Middleton. The thirty-something has spoken publicly about his battle with depression, his love for dogs, and his wife Alizée Thevenet, the French financial analyst with whom he married in 2021 and who will soon make him a father for the first time. On the other hand, James had hardly ever spoken in public about his relationship with his very famous sister, the Princess of Wales. But in an interview with the English program Good Morning Britain he made an exception. Dedicating to Kate words full of pride and tenderness. The thirty-something, who appeared on TV to talk about mental health accompanied by his dogs Mabel and Isla, admitted he was “very proud” of the work his sister was doing for the British Crown. “I’m really amazed at what Kate manages to do. Seeing her flourish in the role of Princess of Wales makes me very proud of her. But to be honest, she’s my sister, so I know all her quirks.” James did not go into details, but the gist is clear: for him Kate, before a future queen, is a sister of whom he knows and loves everything, “quirks” included.

James Middleton’s Battle with Depression

In the new interview, the thirty-something also praised the battles of the princess and her husband William for mental health. And he admitted that he had often thought he would never be able to defeat depression: “It’s not gone, I know it won’t go away, but now I’ve learned to manage it.” In the darkest period, James even refused to answer the phone. And his company Boomf, due to his depression, was about to close. But then James found the strength to ask for help. He called his doctor and confessed to him: “I’m not doing well.” So he started a therapeutic journey that, as he himself told the Daily Mail, helped him out of the tunnel. And during that journey he had all the support of his parents and sisters, Pippa and Kate, “who supported me even in the most difficult moments, even when they couldn’t fully understand what was happening to me.”

James Middleton and Alizée Thevenet’s Baby

Now James, thanks to the baby on the way, has taken another big step towards happiness. “We couldn’t be more excited,” he wrote on Instagram announcing the birth of his first child. A baby that will make Kate an aunt for the fourth time. The Princess of Wales already has three grandchildren: Arthur, Grace and Rose, children of her sister Pippa.


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