Jason Momoa bald, and without the abdominals, like you have never seen

Not only Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez in a pair for amaze all in mid-game, and for giving us so many lessons of beauty during the Super Bawl 2020, this year, to my surprise, Jason Momoa has done his part, only starring in a commercial which aired during the half time. The actor has amazed really.

The star of Aquaman, 40 years old, abdominal scream and foliage in superb, long and wavy, for a commercial Rocket Mortgage, a company that provides home loans putting those lights up at ease (at least this is the claim), has made a “stripteese” very sui generis.

Jason arrives home and demonstrate that you cross the threshold you feel comfortable, the hashtag for the ad, not only takes off the shoes, as would anyone, but removes his six-pack, or abdominal muscles in the turtle, his hair that everyone loves, and getting rid in short, his ego famous.

And to see him so skinny and bald is very impressive. Of course, the transformation was created thanks to the special effects of computer graphics to simulate a version of Jason’s totally unexpected and it required a stunt double super skinny which was borrowed the body.

If you want to see the made of and the behind-the-scenes of the spot look under.

You will be amazed.