Jean-Baptiste Guegan is it really installed in Belgium ? It responds

Both criticized and adored, Jean-Baptiste Guegan divides. A rumour that the look-alike vocal de Johnny Hallyday, exhausted by the bustle around his person, would have left France to settle in Belgium. The singer has expressed on this subject.

That the so-called Johnny Junior became Jean-Baptiste Guegan. After being presented as look-alike vocal of Johnny Hallyday at his beginnings, the singer has decided to go its own way under its real name. Winner of France has an incredible talent, he has, nevertheless, continued to cultivate its relationship with the rocker out an album of songs that were originally intended. Huge success in stores, this disc blew up his career… and has earned him many critics. Treaty of usurper, violently attacked by fans of Johnny Hallyday dissatisfied, accused of surfing on the death of the Taulier… Jean-Baptiste Guegan is not appreciated by all. And the general atmosphere in France would have led, according to information from France on Sunday, to go ” take refuge in emergency at his manager in Belgium, in Tournai “.

Jean-Baptiste Guegan puts an end to the rumors

At the end of January, the magazine claimed that Jean-Baptiste Guegan wanted in a first time to leave France temporarily, before eventually changing his mind. After reflection, he would have taken the decision to settle permanently in Belgium, and may even be moved discreetly to a new home. This rumor shared by France Dimanche, Jean-Baptiste Guegan do not confirm. Quite the contrary, he denies firmly. “This is nonsense “, he says with Tv Star. The singer also reveals to the magazine that he no longer lives at Trégueux, in the Côtes-d’armor : “I do not live neither in Britain, nor in Belgium, but in France. I will not say where. “The artist, who prefers to keep secret his place of residence, says in passing that he has nothing to fear in France :” I know suddenly that I am capable of handling all situations, ” he says. I live in a totally different world. But I have the head done well. “