Jean Castex : its commitment to women victims of violence

On Thursday 30 July, Jean Castex, has visited a shelter for women and children victims of family violence. The Prime minister is strongly committed in the fight to end violence against women.

Jean Castex



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The death of Jacqueline Wild has helped revive the debate around conjugal violence. On BFM TV, Muriel Robin, who had incarnated Jacqueline Wild in a tv movie, has questioned the government. “How to have confidence in a country where our minister of Justice, Me Dupond-Moretti, said he did not know the numbers of the violence and was surprised at the number of rapes in France ? And how to have confidence in the police that can bring someone suspected of rape as the first cop of France ? It is very complicated, it is humiliation, it is almost a return back. I do not understand the signals sent by our president”, she had launched to the television.

“The company has a duty to protect you “

In a context as special, Jean Castex, who was elected Prime minister there is not even a month, has firmly shown its commitment to the fight against violence against women. This Thursday, July 30, in the evening, the successor of Edouard Philippe is rendered in an associative structure in the suburbs close to paris, which houses thewomen and children victims of violence. This issue, which is one of the major causes of the quinquennium, Emmanuel Macron, has been highlighted by Jean Castex. “I am here this evening to condemn the way the firmer violence against women. This is unacceptable,” stressed the Prime minister in the face of reporters Thursday evening.

“We cannot tolerate this,” he added, noting that “cowardice is the cause”. While the reports for domestic violence have increased during the confinement, the Prime minister launched an appeal to women. “I say to all women ‘show-you, let us know’. The company has the duty to protect you and punish what has been committed,” promised Jean Castex. Accompanied by Elisabeth Moreno, minister responsible for Equality between women and men, the chief executive explained that the new facilities could see the light of day. “Here it works, it works, it will probably increase the number of structures like this. It is the role of the minister accompanying me”, he promised.