Jean-Jacques Goldman’s Petite Vie Banlieusarde in Montrouge Analyzed by Daughter Caroline.


Jean-Jacques Goldman’s Happy Life

Despite having distanced himself from the spotlight and the Enfoirés troupe, Jean-Jacques Goldman is far from an unhappy man. On the contrary, the musician seems to be living happy days with his young companion, Nathalie Thu Huong-Lagier, whom he married in October 2001, between London and Marseille. They are raising their three daughters, Maya in 2004, Kimi in 2005 and Rose in 2007. It must be said that he has always had a taste for the simplest things.

Suburban Life Before Fame

Before sharing this second part of his life with Nathalie, Jean-Jacques Goldman lived the first part with his other family, alongside his former wife Catherine Morlet. A “small suburban life,” as his daughter Caroline Goldman revealed in her portrait of Libération this Saturday, June 3. When she was born, her parents were only 23 years old. Jean-Jacques Goldman was not yet famous. Regarding her father, she who is now often at the heart of recurrent controversies, especially for the educational methods she provides as a clinical child psychologist – she advocates, in particular, the benefits of punishments and strict limits – is often silent.

Caroline Goldman’s Childhood

The artist has managed to maintain discretion about his life and his eldest daughter intends not to upset this. “I had a suburban life, my parents were fleeing the show business world,” she remembers. After being enrolled in the public school system, she joined the Alsacienne School from the second grade. But she did not start to associate with the Nepo babies – celebrity children – of the time. The eldest of Jean-Jacques Goldman have, for some, their notoriety. We know Michael Goldman for having been the director of the castle of the last season of the Star Academy show, as well as Nina, his sister, she is an emergency pediatrician by profession. Caroline Goldman remembers this gentle environment that cradled her childhood. “I grew up with very gentle parents and grandparents, she tells our colleagues. It was a pretty ideal environment. I already perceived it at the time.” As for the role of her discreet mother Catherine Morlet, she already evoked it in the columns of Figaro Magazine, revealing that she had given body and soul to provide their sons and two daughters with a “happy childhood”. “My father had an intimidating but fair function, which allowed a great richness of relationships. That is to say, he was warm, stimulating on an intellectual level, free in his relationship to fantasy and sharing …”, she had already revealed to ELLE on this subject.


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