Home Celebrity Scoop Jean Lassalle collapses on candidate’s shoulder in “Crevé” video.

Jean Lassalle collapses on candidate’s shoulder in “Crevé” video.

New Season of Traitors

This Wednesday, July 12th 2023, the first batch of episodes of the new season of Traitors was broadcasted on M6. And as last year the cast is full of strong personalities! This year, viewers will be able to enjoy JujuFitcats, Tibo InShape, Norbert Tarayre, Caroline Margeridon, Claude Dartois, Nathalie Marquay and her son Tom Pernaut, Natasha St-Pier, Charlotte de Turckheim, Andy Raconte, Laura Flessel, Kheiron, Guillaume Pley, Vincent Desagnat, Kristofer Hedia, Vincent Cespedes, Gennifer Demey and… Jean Lassalle!

Jean Lassalle’s Political Mask Dropped

Former candidate for the 2017 and 2022 presidential elections, this good-natured father of four has indeed dropped his political mask to take part in the game of Traitors. And the least we can say is that after two tests, Jean Lassalle is already very exhausted! At the end of the game which gave victory to the red team and to which he voluntarily accepted not to participate (to balance the teams), the former mayor of Lourdios-Ichère literally collapsed from fatigue…

Jean Lassalle Exhausted

On the way back to the castle, he fell asleep on Charlotte de Turckheim’s shoulder, who was driving! Chuckling, Norbert Tarayre who was in the back of the car, made his little comment. “Did you ever imagine in your life, driving a super nice 4×4 with several personalities and especially a political character who sleeps on your elbow?”, he asked the actress before bursting out laughing. Although tied up, the politician is indeed completely slumped on the driver, his forehead rubbing the shoulder of the latter amid the laughter of the passengers. “That’s what I find great… You keep being surprised by life and, one day, you have Jean Lassalle falling asleep on your shoulder. This guy is extraordinary!“, Charlotte de Turckheim then let out in front of the camera. Giving him a little nudge, she nevertheless wakes up the politician who opens his eyes and puts his beret back in place, but seems totally lost… “I’m exhausted. I take a nap almost every afternoon. When you have activity, you have to, to let the tension drop and find nerve influx in the brain. And then I take a nap, I really sleep…”, Jean Lassalle concluded in front of the camera. With him, the game promises a lot of laughs!



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