Jean-Louis Murat, Breaking Rule Before Death


Sudden Death of a French Singer

On Thursday, May 25th, many French singers were shocked to learn of the sudden death of Jean-Louis Murat. The 71-year-old singer died of a pulmonary embolism. According to Paris Match magazine’s latest issue, the famous performer of Sentiment nouveau died “on his way home near Orcival in the Puy-de-Dôme, after dropping off his son at college”.

Upcoming Projects

He had many upcoming projects, including the release of his next album in October. In order to allow the release of this project, he had accepted the commercialization of a compilation of his best songs, scheduled for May 26th, the day after his death. He had “refused to promote it in the media”.

Trouble Finding Concerts

This man with a “strong character” had sworn until now to never release a best-of while alive, as he had been recording himself or with the help of his neighbor for the past few years. Recently, the man who had decided to isolate himself in the countryside with few means, was “angry”. He was having “trouble finding concerts”, as his artistic proposal was no longer in line with the times. His last tour, which ended on May 19th in Tulle, allowed him to give only five concerts in two months. The “fan of Neil Young, the Rolling Stones and Frank Ocean” nevertheless kept his dignity by proposing a music, a bit outdated, but “sincere” until the end.


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