Jean-Luc Reichmann : the father of six children, he opens up like never before about her blended family

Jean-Luc Reichmann truste for many years, the classification of personalities favorite of the French. Usually discreet about his private life, the facilitator is open in the columns of Tv Star in approaching the subject of his blended family.

If Jean-Luc Reichmann admits to recognize the sometimes exhausting his family and his staff, the general public, it does, obviously not rigorous. For almost 10 years, the host truste , in fact, the first positions of the ranking of the animators favorite of the French. He has this year left its place nagui (French speacker) in the top of the rankings. Which is rather funny when you know that he started his career by doing just voice-overs for the presenter of Don’t forget the lyrics. Today, thestory is no longer the same. The Toulouse of birth knows how to enjoy – rightly – of his position to, for example, take Paul, candidate iconic 12 o’clock, on the filming of the series Leo Mattei. If it has been even further by engaging two of her children in one episode of the series on the sly, force is to recognize that his statements about his family are more rare. The last time that the facilitator was really entrusted on his personal life goes back to more than two years.

The blended family, an experience that is ” nourishing “

Jean-Luc Reichmann was therefore somewhat transgressed his ideals in this Friday, February 14, in relying on the contribution of his blended family in an interview for Télé Star. “We are a blended family with six children, aged 11 to 29 years , “says the 59 year old man, in a relationship with Nathalie Lecoultre. One of the advantages of living within such a community is without a doubt the ability to collect lots of different visions. The ages and the stories that intertwine are, according to the tv man, of the most inspiring. “We feed on in daily life with what they experience at school, college or even at work because the big works “, he explains. If today we are celebrating Valentine’s day, it is necessary to believe that love is an everyday celebration in the family Reichmann.