Jennifer Aniston : her photo of childhood melted the Internet

If you didn’t know yet, Jennifer Aniston could well be the future queen of the Internet. The former star of Friends, the arrival on Instagram two months ago already has more buzz to his name. We present to you the last in date.

Jennifer Aniston in retro fashion

One remembers at the time of his debut, his first shot had done an incredible cardboard, we saw it with the rest of the cast of the famous sitcom. What to do dream and those who still believe that a return of Friends on the small screen is possible.

Since then, she has also managed to make laugh her ex-husband Justin Theroux or even unveiled a touching snapshot of his youth. A niche that it seems to be particularly spiritually minded because it is also the one who had her favor this week. Thursday, 12 December, its $ 21.7 million subscribers on Instagram have been able to discover it when she was just 2 years old.

In profile, the eye turned outwards through the window, she seems to be waiting for something or someone.

Baby californian the bonnet (I’m sure I was hoping that it snow)

explains Jennifer Aniston in the legend. It should be noted all the same curly for the least unexpected, as she is known for her hair ultra-smooth. In a few hours, its publication has received more than 8,000 comments and nearly 2 million likes.