Jennifer Lopez wishes Ben Affleck Happy Father’s Day – No Crisis!


Signs of Turbulence in the Bennifer House

A few days ago, on the red carpet of the movie The Flash in Los Angeles, photos of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck kissing added fuel to the fire of gossip. In recent months, in fact, there have been rumors of “marital chaos” between the two Hollywood stars, so the agreement in the posed shots seemed – at least at first – to dispel the rumors of the alleged marital crisis. However, within a few hours, a video of the event also emerged where the Bennifers did not appear to be in harmony. Whether it was just a moment of detachment, it is not given to know for sure: certainly, however, the social users rushed to comment on the clip, pointing out how the body language did not tell a strong feeling. Quite the opposite, enough to bring up the hypothesis of “chaos”.

J.Lo’s Appreciation Post

Over the weekend, on the occasion of Father’s Day – which is celebrated in the United States on the third Sunday of June – J.Lo’s accounts sent a new signal of relaxation: “Post of appreciation, happy Father’s Day,” the pop star wrote, posting a carousel of four tender photos, two of her husband alone and two selfies of the couple. “And happy Father’s Day to all the incredible dads out there.” “We love you more than you can imagine,” Jennifer added, who had twins in 2008, Emme and Max, with her previous husband Marc Anthony. Ben, on the other hand, has three children, Violet Anne (2005), Seraphina Rose (2009) and Samuel (2012), born from his love with Jennifer Garner.

Interpreting the Signals

In short, the rumors about the alleged turbulence in the Bennifer house continue, but the signals from the parties involved do not abate. To be interpreted, of course, before perhaps an official statement that finally clarifies.


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