Jessica Thivenin accused of wanting to prevent reruns of Marseille, she meets

On 6Play, all seasons Marseille are available in this period of confinement, except for those tours in Cancun and Miami. Some internet users are convinced that Jessica Thivenin would prohibit the rebroadcasting of these adventures for an obvious reason.

Since the birth of his son Maylone on October 7, Jessica Thivenin devoted himself fully to his family life. The young mother and her boyfriend Thibault Garcia have gone through tests particularly difficult in recent months because of the serious health problems of their son. The 5 march last, the boy was hospitalized again. Suffering from bronchiolitis, he had been placed under respiratory assistance, to prevent it from choking with phlegm. A week later, the little one found his parents ” in great shape “, ready to resume his activities with his toys “.

If this new life now occupies all of her time, Jessica Thivenin has not turned her back on her fratés of Marseille. For the launch of the new season tour in the Caribbean, the band led by Julien Tanti has even made a hook to Dubai to get acquainted with the baby. But aside from this brief appearance at the beginning of this adventure, the mom and her partner have somewhat reduced the use of television to build their new life. This does not prevent critics of the young woman of 30 years old to think that she would have tried to prevent the replay of Marseille to Cancun, as well as the season tour in Miami.

“You think I am that ? “

Some internet users believe that these seasons are not available on 6Play because of the jealousy of Jessica Thivenin to Shanna Kress. Indeed, in these two editions of the programme, this last was in a relationship with Thibault Garcia. Charges to which the mother of Maylone was held to answer on Sunday April 12. “I’m involved because I see lots of messages that one sends me to where I request that I take myself to have banned the broadcast on 6play Marseille to Miami etCancun, she began her story Instagram. But in fact, you believe that who am I to say to W9, M6 and the group : “You do not have the right to broadcast the season“ ? No, but seriously ? And then in real life it makes me what ? If there is one thing that I would like not to distribute it is rather my seasons for me where I am ashamed of how I behaved, where I farted cables every two seconds… But I already am a person, it’s been a year and a half that I do more tv, I’m that to say that it is not necessary that this be disseminated ? It is necessary to stop ! “Clear, net and precise.