Jessica Thivenin : after a big scare, she gives news of his son Maylone

The holidays are over for Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia. Back in Dubai after spending the end of year festivities in France, the young parents had an appointment very important for their son, Maylone.

The year 2019 will certainly have been one of the most beautiful but also one of the most difficult for Jessica Thivenin and her husband, Thibault Garcia. Freshly married in Dubai, the couple announced in April that they were going to become parents for the first time. A wonderful adventure which quickly turned into a nightmare for the lovebirds. Bed-ridden for months on – after a brutal strapping, the star of Marseille gave birth to her little boy, the 7th of October. “A little bit of us, of happiness that fills us with love despite the complications. He is strong, kind and wise. We left the network because we have the complications. It will be necessary to operate, he was transferred to another hospital… It is a very difficult moment, ” she wrote in the caption of the first photo of Maylone. After weeks of anguish, the small family could finally return home and start his new life at 3.

Finally settled, Jessica and Thibault were, unfortunately, not at the end of their sentences. Last month, the young parents were thought lost for ever their little angel. “I started to panic because it was all blue and I gave it to Thibault, and he didn’t know what to do either. It was panicked and all of a sudden the blood came out of his mouth. We began to say : this is it, this is finished, she recounted, in tears. Thibault has taken Maylone and we ran to the taxi, we cried and we cried. Everyone within the hotel. The hospital was not very far away. And I asked Thibault as was Maylone and he told me : he is dead. It breathed longer, and had open eyes. “Thanks to the actions of first aid, and the support fast , the baby – at the age of 2 months – gone.

Jessica Thivenin back in the hospital

Maylone, however, has had to undergo a new operation. “The milk is past behind, in the lungs. And everything stopped, the heart etc… It has been repaired and it went well. They have ruled out the esophagus of 8 mm so that he can better swallow it“, she explained. One month after that tremendous fright, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia had an appointment at the hospital, for a control. And it is with the smile as the couple left the establishment. ” Maylone is going very well.It is good, we just checked, and it is perfect, she entrusted to his followers on Instagram. Tomorrow, we still have to check with another doctor. ButI’m happy, all is well. We can go back home. “With the arrival of 2020, it is finally the end of the nightmare for the family of Garcia.