Jessica Thivenin : his son Maylone still hospitalized, she shared a touching message

Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia maintain the cap. While their son Maylone has been hospitalized since a few days, the young mom has given its news and wants to, despite all, stay

Since the birthof their end-of-chou, on October 7, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia had to take many hard knocks. From its first days of life, the small Maylone has been the victim of many health problems,which have resulted in a hospitalization. Just back home, Jessica and Thibault have then to deal with other health concerns for their offspring, that they had many fears. Last December, while they had dinner in a restaurant of Dubai, where they lived for several time, young parents have had to take their small Maylone to the hospital urgently, so that the baby does breathed more “. And just recently, once again, Jessica and Thibault had to pull together and manage their concern about the state of health of their Maylone, who still had to be hospitalized…

“I think it’s unfair “

Thursday, march 5, it is on the social networks thatJessica Thivenin announced the disturbing news, while showing himself to be more serene than the previous times. “Nothing serious, it’s going to go… It’s just that Maylone has bronchiolitis and that as he made the tracheomalacia, he is choking with his phlegm and he has trouble breathing, so they put him on oxygen. “she said in her story Instagram. In the night of Friday 6 to Saturday 7 march, Jessica Thivenin has once again expressed on the subject in his story Instagram.

The famous candidate for reality tv explained that his small Maylone was still hospitalized, and ” oxygen “. “We are not close to return (…) Maylone it goes a little better than yesterday, but it is not at the top of his form,” she confided after explaining that she and Thibault had made the choice to stay, to sleep in the same hospital room as their baby. Finally, the young mother was keen to send a tender message to his fans : “Insomnia I can’t sleep, I was reading your messages. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support for Maylone, for us, ” she writes, before talking more about the sickness of his son : “ bronchiolitis is a virus that leaves alone, we can do nothing just wait. He is still on oxygen and fed through a tube (…) I also find it unfair that a baby has as much of a problem but it is life. “Finally, Jessica Thivenin wants, most of all,” stay positive “.