Jessica Thivenin’s kids (4 & 1) on special diet despite pediatricians’ advice.


Jessica Thivenin’s Choice to Change Her Children’s Diet

Star Jessica Thivenin is the mother of two adorable blond heads, Maylone (4 years old) and Leewane (soon 2 years old). Children whose health she closely monitors as the poor one is used to back-and-forth trips to the hospital. And for a while she had been hesitating to change something in their diet so that they feel better. She just took the plunge. A few hours ago, she explained to have removed cow milk, in all its forms, from her children’s meals. “I’m sure and certain that my daughter is intolerant,” she explained. Preferring to listen to her maternal instinct over health professionals, she persisted and said: “When she was little, she would turn around all night, she always made me soft stools. Now I have removed cow milk for a few weeks, two weeks actually and it’s been over. I’m so happy.” Certain of her choice, Jessica Thivenin also made it known that she had done the same for her son who “likewise is much better”. “I don’t know if it’s because of that but I don’t regret doing it,” she specified.

Maylone’s Health Struggles

To recall, a few days after his birth, Maylone had been operated on for an oesophageal atresia. After having narrowly escaped death twice – his mother had resuscitated him -, he had undergone a new operation due to a tracheal problem. Hospital stays are frequent. So helpless in the face of her son’s terrible cough and his vomiting, she had called for help on social networks. And good news, the child is much better! “He takes antibiotics twice a week. He took a good treatment, we called the magnetizer she did something on him, I don’t know if it’s because of that that he doesn’t cough anymore, or the diet, or the medications but it’s better.” Finally, good news.

Jessica’s Maternal Instincts

Jessica Thivenin opted to listen to her maternal instinct and changed her children’s diet, removing cow milk, in all its forms. She noted that her daughter was intolerant and that the change in diet had improved her son’s health. She also noted that her son had taken a good treatment and that a magnetizer had done something on him. Despite not knowing for sure the reason for her son’s improved health, Jessica was certain that she had made the right call.


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