Jesta Hillmann : soon a second child ? She made a few confidences

In the context of a game of questions and answers made on Instagram, Jesta Hillmann expressed his desire to start a family… large !

Everything is for the best in the best of all worlds for Jesta Hillmann. The mother of Juliann takes pleasure in caring for her small family. And this is not his community that will say the opposite. In fact, it does not go a day without influenceuse 24-year-old does not share his daily life to his 1.1 million followers. The one that the viewers can follow every day of the week in the show Moms and famousis very close to his community. She never hesitates to play the game of questions and answers on Instagram. And it is in full transparency that the pretty blonde was entrusted on his wish of a new maternity. To the question “do You react how if you have a multiple pregnancy ?”, the former candidate Koh-Lanta replied “I’d be a little too scared but I would be TOO happy”. Then the pregnancy would be imminent ? Apparently not, because when a surfer asked him “do you Think having a child soon?”, the wife of Benoit Assadi responded, “I think a lot, I’m really excited to be pregnant again, but this will not be before our honeymoon which is planned for may”. Could not be more clear !

Jesta, a mother protective

Although there is currently a flowering of account Instagram of children of candidates, tele-reality, Jesta does not do the same for Juliann, her baby of 7 months. Conversely small toddlers of Melanie Da Cruz and Anthony Martial, Jazz and Laurent Correia or Manon and Julien Tanti, theex-adventurer is that her son did not of social network staff. The question “Why not make a Instagram to Juliann ?”, Jesta Hillmann replied “Why do that ? I put pictures of him on my account. He’s only 7 months so he will not have a account of Instagram”. Now that that is said.