Jimmy Ghione, hard to forget the ex-wife: “I will suffer for another 20 years and go”

Two years on from the end of the marriage with Tania Paganoni, Jimmy Ghione is still struggling to turn completely the page, despite the fact that several months is happily engaged to be married to the Russian actress Daria Baykalova. The sent of the Strip often speaks in his interviews with the ex-wife, so as to bring said tires on the pages of Today, in certain embodiments.

Impressed by these statements, Ghione back on topic with Novella 2000: “I Prefer to talk only about me. And me, I can say that I will suffer for another 20 years passes. I am one of those who believe that the family is a primary good. Of course, in the life and in the life of all couples there may be difficult moments, you have to make the team, you have to work on it. And if you cannot remain suffering. And, I repeat, this suffering I will stay on him for another twenty years.”

A wound difficult to heal, even if the new companion is clear. “It was a luck to meet her, I fell in love with her,” he explains. He has 36 years old, and is very delicate in appearance in the life of a man like me, with two children.” Jimmy Ghione and Tania Paganoni, who have been married for 14 years, have two children, Gabriele and Federico.