Jimmy Mohamed share in a laugh during his chronic anal fissures on Europe 1

On Tuesday 30 June, Jimmy Mohamed has had many difficulties to carry out his chronicle in the program Without the rendez-vous on Europe 1. The famous doctor proposed a chronic anal fissure. A theme for which he had trouble keeping his serious micro.

Jimmy Mohamed



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There are topics more sensitive than others to treat for a doctor to the antenna. And Jimmy Mohamed knows something. After cracked by a full point on the tic tac toe on the mic with the program Without the rendez-vous on Europe 1, that’s another issue did go out in a crazy laugh. What annoy his partner to radio Melanie Gomez while he talked of the anal fissure. “One has the impression that the people really do not know what it is. It is a wound of the anal canal between the anal verge and the rectum. It is rather common, even if we don’t talk too much. This is the second reason for consultation proctologique, after the disease hemorrhoidal. It is more common in young adults, between 35 and 40 years. And it affects 15% of women after childbirth,” explained the doctor, also well-known on C8 at the sides of Cyril Hanouna.

A chronic complicated

After a few explanations very serious, Jimmy Mohamed was finally laughing unstoppable. “This is the end of the year. It is a little bit… there is nothing funny, and anyway, it’s very common,” quipped Melanie Gomez, as his sidekick writhed with laughter. When asked about the symptoms of anal fissure, Jimmy Mohamed has struggled to regain his seriousness. “Excuse me, this is the end of the season”, he entrusted asserted and burst out laughing. But the doctor finally calmed down, citing the risks of cancer and other sexually transmitted diseases that could ensue. Jimmy Mohamed has completed his chronicle, referring to the different possible treatments, all while displaying no smile. A relief to his comrade who has struggled to manage the antenna. A sequence is a very funny unveiled by Europe 1 on his Twitter account.