JoeyStarr : after appearing naked on Instagram by mistake, he takes it to his haters

Saturday, 28th December, while he takes advantage of his holiday to Dubai, JoeyStarr appeared naked by mistake on Instagram. Far from ashamed, the rapper was immediately down his detractors.

A few weeks ago, JoeyStarr has dropped the mask, unveiling more touching than it seems, making startlingrevelations about her childhood complicated. An image that contrasts with the role of the character of sulphur that the rapper has always held. Either on television, or on social networks, JoeyStarr never go by four paths when it comes to delivering the substance of his thought. And even when he blunders,the former of Karine The Dealeralways manages to fall on his feet with a little rant in good and due form. The evidence recently. On holiday in Dubai, the artist wanted to share with its subscribers the nice view from his hotel room.

JoeyStarr laughing stock of the web

Except that it did not pay attention to the reflection of his image in the window of his hotel room. Thus, his fans have been able to discover in the attire of Adam ! As soon disseminated in the story ” Instagram of JoeyStarr, the video has made the rounds of social networks, and the rapper has become, in a few hours, the laughing stock of the Canvas. But the question for the star of NTM to become the head of the Turkish internet users. So, this Sunday 29 December, it is once more in his story Instagram that he has answered in his own way as always : “It is the same people who think that you are acting for the buzz what you do and who are actually capable of all for nothing. Big up to all the c**soft who feel compelled to explain to me what I need to do or not, especially when it is done inadvertently “. And as he also likes to play on the humor, JoeyStarr has concluded : “The philosopher of the vicinity called JoeyStarr said to me : ‘on a clear day, one can see even further‘. To meditate” ” The folder is closed !