Johnny Depp : his fans ready to do anything to get back at Amber Heard


Johnny Depp is regaining popularity. After the broadcast of audio recordings implicating Amber Heard, fans of the actor from Pirates of the Caribbean are mounted to the niche and are determined to save the reputation of their idol.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp fight a war without mercy since the announcement of their divorce. The actress Aquaman was revealed to have been a victim of domestic violence on the part of the interpreter of the famous Jack Sparrow. A shock to the family, friends and fans of the American 56-year-old. If the latter was defended body and soul, the damage was done. The franchise Pirates of the Caribbean decided the same from separating from the dad of Lily-Rose and Jack. But the wind is apparently in the process of turning.

At the beginning of the month of February, of the audio recording published by the Daily Mail, whichdisappointed the version that Amber Heard had delivered to the justice. In the discussion it intends to have with Johnny Depp, the ex Vito Schnabel declares to have been “violent” with the actor and does not hesitate to intimidate her : “Go ahead, Johnny, tell it to the world. Tell them “Me and Johnny Depp, a man, am a victim of domestic violence”. Let’s see how many are going to believe and how many will be on your side. You are stronger, bigger, I am a woman of 52 kg, you’ll really go to the bar and say, “It is she who started this ?” Really ? “.

Petitions against Amber Heard

Convinced of the innocence of Johnny Depp, his fans are determined to help him. If they can’t do much from a legal point of view, they are more motivated than ever to wash the honor of ex Vanessa Paradis. For several days, the petitions there on the Canvas. In addition to the willingness of him to reassign the role of Jack Sparrow, the supports they want to pay for Amber Heard. This is why nearly 8,000 signatures have already been recorded on for quel’oreal cancels her contract with “the liar who has assaulted Johnny Depp” and that is ” a disgrace to women “. The actor of Hell Driver has to pay a go direct for what looks like hell…


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