Johnny Hallyday, Patricia: Who was his first companion, tragic actress death?


Johnny Hallyday’s Love Stories

On June 15th, Johnny Hallyday’s wife Laeticia Hallyday posted a beautiful message in his honor. If he had lived a real happiness with his last wife, and mother of his daughters Joy and Jade Hallyday, Johnny Hallyday had naturally known other love stories before her. Among them, Patricia his first companion who died tragically.

Patricia Viterbo: The Archetype of a Starlette

Patricia Viterbo is the archetype of the starlette with a rather thin filmography but a near-romantic destiny. The pretty actress quickly became a model at Christian Dior, before starting in the cinema with a small role as a nurse in Des frissons partout by Raoul André. With Johnny Hallyday, the young woman got engaged and this news naturally made the headlines of the newspapers. Their relationship will be extremely passionate and somewhat tumultuous. In his memoirs Destroy, the interpreter of Que je t’aime said “We did everything. On her birthday, I gave her an Alpine Renault. Two days later, she made me blow my top by driving around in the car with an old dude who could have been her grandfather. Our stories were on the cover of all the scandalous newspapers with incredible details of precision. The paparazzi didn’t let us go. As if someone very close was informing them. And if it was Patricia?”

The Tragic End of a Love Story

Their idyll will end on a road in the Landes countryside. While Johnny Hallyday announced to his fiancée that he was going to receive a gold record for Let’s Twist Again which had sold more than a million copies and was surprised by this luck. “I’m not surprised at all. You really have a cuckold’s luck, ”she would have replied, provoking his exasperation. “I left her at the first gas station,” he said. Then, in November 1966, Patricia Viterbo died tragically. She who had played in a few films such as Laisse tirer les tireurs, Ces dames s’en mêlent, Les Gros Bras or Requiem pour un caïd, was in a car on the set of the film Le Judoka agent secret. Her partner Henri Garcin, at the wheel, skids on the wet quays of the Seine, at the level of the Pont de l’Alma. Plunge into the cold waters, if the actor gets out with only a few wounds, the young actress dies drowned. She was only 27 years old. Johnny Hallyday, very affected, will dedicate her song Maudite rivière to her.


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