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Jon Hamm’s Wedding to Anna Osceola at Mad Men Finale Filming Site

A New Chapter for Jon Hamm

In his 18-year relationship with actress Jennifer Westfeldt, actor Jon Hamm was categorical about never going to the altar. However, the famous interpreter of Don Draper, the protagonist of Mad Men, seems to have changed his mind. Last weekend, Hamm married actress Anna Osceola, whom he met on the set of the series in 2015. And he did it at sunset, in a very meaningful place for the couple: in the idyllic setting of Anderson Canyon, in Big Sur, California, the location where they met during the last episode of the series.

From Struggles to Happiness

For the US actor, the first months of 2015 had been complicated. The relationship with Westfeldt had just ended after almost twenty years of engagement. In addition, the production that made him known to the world was coming to an end. However, luck has winked at him. During one of the last days of shooting, at a resort on the golden coast of California, his now wife, actress Osceola, entered the scene to make a small cameo as a receptionist. Although the interaction on set between the two was minimal, the spark of love had already struck. The two began to date outside of work, although they made their relationship public only in 2020. What could have been a “nail drives out nail” relationship has over time become a solid bond that has made the actor rethink “the important things in life”, despite the age difference between the two (Hamm is 51 and Osceola 35).

A Hollywood Touch

This is what Hamm said on The Howard Stern Show last September: “In the half century I’ve been on the planet, I think I’ve figured out some things. Now I’m in a pretty nice place. I’m hoping to learn. In the last two years I’ve reflected on all the really important things. This made the relationship I’m in even more meaningful.” In addition, the actor added that he was ready to “get married, have children… in short, happiness”. The two actors, who also worked together on the film Confess, Fletch (2022), would have become engaged at the beginning of 2023. The wedding took place by the sea, in the presence of a small circle of relatives and friends, including actor Paul Rudd, comedian Larry David, presenter Tina Fey and actor Billy Crudup, who has just married actress Naomi Watts. As Osceola walked down the flower carpet towards her husband, a small orchestra played You Only Live Twice, Nancy Sinatra’s song composed for the James Bond film of the same name, sealing the union with a Hollywood touch.



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