Jorge Javier seeks support from friends during health crisis.


Jorge Javier Vázquez’s Health Situation

Jorge Javier Vázquez, the face of Telecinco, was forced to temporarily leave his duties with the channel due to health reasons. The first news about it was given by Carlos Sobera in the absence of the presenter at a ‘Survivor’ gala. “Let everyone at home know that he is indisposed, but nothing happens,” said the Basque. The concern around the Catalan increased with the passing of the days, since the presenter could not be at the head of ‘Sálvame’ either. Finally, on May 24, Mediaset issued a statement explaining that “Jorge Javier Vázquez is on temporary leave on medical advice”, but gave no further details about his ailment and limited himself to wishing him “a speedy recovery”. If nothing changes, Jorge Javier could not be present at the final farewell of ‘Sálvame’ (above) or at the grand final of the current edition of ‘Survivors’.

Speculations Around Vázquez’s Health

The scarce information provided by the communication platform did not reassure the viewers, who began to speculate about what had happened to the Badalonese. Who assured to have knowledge of it was Diego Arrabal, who approached the topic in his YouTube channel. “They followed him to the hospital and it was known that they were doing tests,” said the paparazzi, specifying that he could not enter into medical topics in a more concrete way. “If he doesn’t say it, I can’t talk about what’s wrong with him, but, come on, it’s a health problem,” he said. Until very recently, the Catalan combined his television work with theater. The legion of fans that Jorge Javier has feared that the large amount of work assumed by the presenter had been paid for in the form of an anxiety attack. In addition, those who defended this theory pointed out that it could also have affected the publication that Mediaset intended to end his contract, which should end in 2025. The platform denied the news, but the damage could already have been done. In fact, from ‘El Español’ they assured that sources close to the Catalan had explained to them that he had suffered an increase in tension and that his leave was due to a “mental” issue.

Vázquez’s Reflections on Mental Health

When this information was leaked, many remembered the statements of the communicator in the interview recently made by Carlos del Amor in the program ‘La matemática del espejo’, of La 2. “I have been addicted to work and, unfortunately, it is not considered bad because it is a productive work, but an addiction is always dangerous,” he said. On ‘La matemática del espejo’, Jorge was sincere with Carlos del Amor about his concerns. The recording of the conversation took place when Jorge was already aware that ‘Sálvame’ would disappear from the grid, something that may have made him especially sincere about his most intimate feelings.


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