Jose Garcia Grandchildren: Happy with Grandkids Despite Missing Kids’ Joy


The Irreplaceable José María García

José María García, the one who for so many years said “good night and cordial greetings” through the waves, making millions of Spaniards go to bed with a transistor stuck to their pillow, has gone down in history as an irreplaceable, vocation and brave journalist who was not only present at the most outstanding sporting events, but also uncovered corruption and discomforted politicians. After his sudden departure in 2002, now at the age of 79, he has returned. He has done so with ‘Supergarcía’, a three-episode documentary series that premieres this Monday, May 29 on Movistar Plus+.

The Truth Must Be Said

“In this documentary I didn’t want to come out looking good, but that the truth be said. But it’s true that when I saw a chapter where so many people were putting me down, I said: “The directors are bastards!” But I have to thank them for the work they have done,” García told us with amusement.

A Positive Outlook

P.: Has it helped you to close any wounds? JOSÉ MARÍA GARCÍA: Well, yes. In my war with De la Morena we both made mistakes, possibly me more than him. P.: You have been very ill. J.M.G.: I have had a very complicated cancer, the same one that Paquito Fernández Ochoa had at the same time. And three months ago I was in bed because, when I went to get a newspaper, I fell and hit my head very hard. In an MRI they didn’t see anything, but days later, they did a scan and operated on me. I had two blood clots in my brain. I was able to tell. I’m lucky. That’s why I’m a tremendously positive person. José María receives a loving and heartfelt hug from his little granddaughters. P.: And you’re happy with your role as a grandfather… J.M.G.: Well, yes. I haven’t been able to spend much time with my children but now I have three grandchildren and I’m very happy with them. The oldest is great, she calls me “crazy grandfather”, and the two little ones, Lolo. And to take the mickey out of me, Lolo Yoyo.


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