José María García Cancer: Tough Fight, Triumphant Win


The Legend of José María García

The one who for so many years told us “good night and cordial greetings” through the waves, José María García, has passed into history as an irreplaceable, vocation and brave journalist who was present at the most outstanding sporting events and uncovered corruption and discomforted politicians while inventing the late night, the round tables and a new way of doing journalism.

The Return of Supergarcía

After his departure in 2002, now, at 79 years old, he has returned with ‘Supergarcía’, a three-part documentary series that premiered on Monday, May 29 on Movistar Plus+. “In this documentary I did not want to appear high and handsome, but rather to tell the truth. It is true that when I saw a chapter in which so many people were putting me down, I said: “The directors are bastards!” But I have to thank them for the work they have done,” García told us, amused.

The Grandfather Facet

The journalist, famous for his program ‘Supergarcía’, was a pioneer of midnight sports radio. SOON: Has it served you to close any wounds? JOSÉ MARÍA GARCÍA: Well, yes. In my war with De la Morena we both made mistakes, possibly more than him. I am surprised that he did not want to come to the presentation, because a month ago we went to Cádiz for a talk together. And on the Day of the Journalist he was interviewed on the Cope and said that I was the best journalist in Spain. P.: You have been very ill. J.M.G.: I have had a very complicated cancer. And three months ago I was in bed because I fell and gave myself a very strong blow to the head. In a resonance they did not see anything, but days later, in Asturias, I did not recognize some people I have known for 40 years. They took me to Madrid by car and operated on me. I had two blood clots in my brain. I have been able to tell it. But before I did three hours of sport and now they only let me do 20 minutes. They tell me that I will gradually be able to recover. José María is delighted to be a grandfather. In the picture, with his eldest son’s twins and Ariadne Artiles. P.: But you have other passions. Your grandfather’s facet, as we will see in the documentary. J.M.G.: Well, yes. I have not been able to spend much time with my children. But, thanks to my wife, Montserrat, both, José María Jr. and Luis, are impressive, good sons, hardworking and educated. The eldest runs my businesses and the youngest is an interior designer. Both studied in America because while in school they were threatened with kidnapping. I did not enjoy them, but now I have three grandchildren, the oldest, Ariadne, 5 years old, and the others are twins, Julieta and María, 2, and I am very happy with them. The oldest is great, she put me “crazy grandfather”, and the little ones, who are very beautiful, call me Lolo. And to take me off, Lolo Yoyo. They are great! P.: Why have you come back now? J.M.G.: I have done it because I loved what they proposed to me. But I’m not coming back. And I’m not lying, because I’m Catholic and practicing. And God has helped me a lot. God, my family and the doctors.


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