Josele Roman: Flirted with me, Kiko Hernandez’s husband


Josele Román’s Complaints about Fran Antón

She was one of Fran Antón’s closest friends, with whom he ended up sharing a room on a tour. But now, Josele Román and Kiko Hernández’s husband are distant. The veteran actress complains that Fran has used her. “He has done it to attract more famous people. He is ungrateful. We had a lot of complicity, I know his family, I have slept in his house and he even flirted with me one night. I have never refused anything he has asked me for. And now he has eliminated me from all the photos we were in together. It seems that he didn’t like it when I went to ‘Sálvame’ one day,” she explains to us.

Did He Ever Confess to Her?

Did he ever confess to her that he was Kiko Hernández’s romantic partner? JOSELE ROMÁN: I intuited something, although they said there was nothing.

Was There Sex the Night They Shared a Room?

You talk about him flirting with you. Was there sex the night you shared a room? J.R.: No. We were on tour and he took a room for the two of us. At one point he told me to go to bed with him. We liked each other a little and one day he kissed me on the lips, but nothing happened the night we shared a bed. And when they told me he was with Kiko, I wasn’t surprised, given what had happened with me. He didn’t even touch me.


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