Juan Carlos, Sofia Reunite: Shocking Photo of Emeritus in Wheelchair


The Royal Celebration in Jordan

Hussein of Jordan, the eldest son of Kings Abdullah and Rania, and Rajwa Al-Saif were the protagonists of yesterday’s impressive wedding at the Zahran Palace. The emeritus kings, Don Juan Carlos I and Doña Sofía, were seen there, showing unity and good harmony. After Queen Sofía showed the most pride last week in the confirmation of her granddaughter, Infanta Sofía, at a celebration that her husband was absent from, this Thursday he was seen in Jordan. Next to her husband and his confidant, the emeritus was very happy to be received by Kings Abdullah and Rania.

The Grand Reunion

In front of Don Juan Carlos I, Queen Sofía directly greeted the Jordanian monarchs, and her husband stayed in the background. Also very affectionate, the emeritus warmly greeted Abdullah and Rania and then they all went together to the celebration. Once inside, the emeritus sat next to the former Sheikha of Qatar, Mozah Bint, to follow the wedding ceremony in detail. Once finished, they headed to the Al Husseiniya Palace, where a banquet and a private reception with representatives from various European royal houses was offered.

The Last Time We Saw Them Together

The last time we saw the emeritus together was at the funeral of King Constantine of Greece, brother of Queen Sofía, with whom Don Juan Carlos I had a very good relationship. After years apart, both appeared surrounded by all their children and some grandchildren in Greece to accompany them in one of the most complicated moments for the emeritus. Without a doubt, what has most attracted attention from the wedding of Rania’s son of Jordan, in addition to the meeting of the parents of Felipe VI, has been that Juan Carlos I has required a wheelchair at some moments.


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