Juan Carlos : the costs of his exile supported by the taxpayer in Spanish ?

For fifteen days, Juan Carlos has chosen the path of exile, so that the Spanish justice has a strong interest in his case. The ex-king was comfortably seated in a luxurious hotel at the other end of the world. But a question remains : who pays ?

Juan Carlos of Spain



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On August 3, last, the ex-king Juan Carlos made a radical decision : to leave Spain. Since the month of march, the old king is under the fire of criticism, and in the viewfinder of justice. He would have received, in 2008, 100 million dollars from the king of Saudi Arabia Abdullah on the account, hosted in Switzerland, a foundation of panama. Last June, a Spanish court opened an investigation on this case, which does fall into disgrace, the ex-king, popular when he was in power. To avoid the “impact” on his son, the current king of Spain, Juan Carlos has chosen exile. It now has an address for service in the united arab Emirates.

“Spain pays”

According to the Spanish press, relayed by Le Figaro, Juan Carlos was installed in the Emirates Palace, a luxurious hotel in Abu Dhabi. Accused to be enriched illegally, the ex-king has not chosen the cheapest room, since it is housed in a suite to $ 12,000 a night. Remains a question : who pays the bill for the hotel ? This question, the Spanish, the pose. José Antonio Zarzalejos, a former editor of the daily monarchist ABC and columnist for ElConfidencial.com quoted by Le Figaro, points out that some costs are, again, at the expense of the taxpayer in Spanish. “It seems obvious that Spain pays close protection of the king emeritus, four members of the royal guard. A personal assistant is also assigned, to be paid on public funds, “stresses the journalist, before adding : “But Juan Carlos is no longer receiving compensation. Therefore, it is likely that he does not rule himself, his movement or his handling”. Without the assert, it leaves so to hear that the bill to the taxpayer could be compounded by the payment of overnight stays of Juan Carlos. For sure, the Spaniards will soon account. And the mystery will disappear.