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Juanes Discusses Mental Health Struggles for 1st Time

Juanes’ Struggles with Depression

Although it may seem that success is linked to happiness, Juanes has revealed that this is not the case at all. The artist has wanted to share with his followers the depression he has suffered for years and all the problems it has caused him.

Taking a Break to Spend Time with Family

That is why he decided to take a break and take advantage of spending time with his family, a fundamental support for him. “I have not yet overcome depression, but I manage it much better and I am happier and more successful than ever before in my life,” he said to the relief of his fans.

Life’s Difficulties

Juanes’ life has not been easy. Recently his sister fell into a coma during the birth of her daughter and was in that state for 27 years. Two years later his father died of cancer.



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