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Jude Law: Holy Beauty of the Stars

“Yes, I’m lucky. I’m not a vain person, I’m happy with what I am, but I do not deny that I have a certain physicality that helps me in certain roles “. Jude Law is a star, and The Young Pope will make him even more.

Surrounded by few friends and many enemies, Jude Law portrays Arrogant and mysterious Pope cooler than a Hollywood star in the series The Young Pope, written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino. The ten-episode film was presented in preview at the Venice Film Festival and broadcast from October 21 on Sky Atlantic. His irresistible beauty is the heart of this production. When interviewed, he was wearing black jeans and blue cardigan, with a clear look like a boy and the sexiest voice in the West. This lethal combination has led him to have a miraculous life as a heartbreaker, documented by paparazzi and tabloids. His relationship with Sienna Miller and the scandal for having betrayed her with the children’s babysitter are well-known. He sued and was compensated (it is said of 130 thousand pounds). Jude Law has been in the show business since he was 17, winning awards at 22 and becoming a father for the first time at 23. He has two Oscar nominations (The Talented Mr. Ripley and Return to Cold Mountain). He can do Shakespeare in the theater and Dr. Watson in the cinema in Sherlock Holmes. After shooting King Arthur, he started to be the Pope. His ego has been very puffed up, and now he is in a new, quieter phase. This international project born in the house Sky involved some of the main European and American production companies and carries the signature of our Oscar. Jude Law is a star, and The Young Pope will make him even more famous.



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