Jude Law will be a father for the sixth time, is the first child with the wife Phillipa Coen


The star of ‘The Young Pope’, soon new screens with the mini-series ‘The Third Day‘, Jude Law will become father for the sixth time. The actor was spotted on the streets of London while walking along with his wife, the psychologist English Phillipa Coen, who tries to hide with clothes over size a little belly unambiguous. The news, circulated by the magazine of the british, was reported by the weekly magazine Chi, which has published the shots.

Jude Law and the marriage with Phillipa Coen

In an interview with the Daily Telegrah, already in January, had confessed to be ready to have a sixth child, despite his already large family. “Of course! My children I love them, then absolutely, why not have another one? I am very fortunate to be linked with someone you are madly in love. Then the idea of having more children is simply wonderful,” said the british actor. In 2019 in fact, Jude Law, 47 years old, he is married to the psychologist and behavioral Phillipa Coen, who has 14 years less than him, with a ceremony at The Old Marylebone Town Hall in London. With a past to playboy, and a series of loves, tormented, Jude Law would have closed once and for all with his past.

Jude Law has five other children

The actor is already the father of the other five children had from previous relationships. Three were born from the first marriage with Sadie Frost and Rafferty of 23 years, Iris 19, and Rudy , 17. But things did not go well, so the couple divorced in 2003, and the star of the uk you are given a lot of work to do: six years later, he became a father for the fourth time with the birth of Sophia, now 11-year-old, played by model Samantha Burke. In 2015 came the little Ada, the daughter of british singer-songwriter Catherine Harding, also if their story was already finished before the birth of the child. And, as if that was not enough, in the meantime, Jude Law has also had a relationship with Sienna Miller.

The alleged cheating with the babysitter

Father of 5 sons from 3 different women, Jude Law has never hidden his passion towards beautiful women. But the scandal heavier than the involved dates back to 2006. Just a step from the yes with Sienna Miller, for which he had left his wife Sadie Frost, it would have been caught in the company of the nanny, Daisy Wright. Discovered the betrayal, Sienna left the companion for a while but then get back on his feet after some time. The fracture, however, has led them to separate themselves definitely shortly after that.


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