Julie Ricci, Ex-Husband Reunited with Stunning Brunette Lookalike: Vacation Confirmation


The Break-Up of Julie Ricci and Pierre-Jean Cabrières

One year ago, in August 2022, Julie Ricci created a surprise by announcing her break-up with her husband Pierre-Jean Cabrières. After five years of love, two weddings in 2018 and 2019 and the birth of their children Gianni (4 years old) and Giovann (3 years old), the couple chose to take different paths. “A simple and delicate message to announce to you that PJ and I are separating. Thank you for respecting our decision and our intimacy. We do not wish to express ourselves on the subject at this time. We will do our best to make our sons feel good and they will obviously remain our priority. I think it was time for us to tell you. Have a nice evening everyone,” Julie Ricci wrote on Instagram. For his part, PJ had made no comment.

Pierre-Jean Cabrières’ New Sweetheart

He has certainly definitely turned the page since he has just officially announced his new sweetheart on social networks. Indeed, the sports coach revealed himself during his dream vacation in Greece, and more precisely in Santorin, in very good company. Namely, with a young woman named Elisa. On the program: visits to the island, romantic lunches and dinners with a breathtaking view, luxurious hotel … Everything is gathered for PJ and Elisa to have an incredible time. One photo in particular finally raised doubts about the nature of their relationship. The one where, in a tight white dress with a plunging neckline, Elisa stares at the camera while her companion offers her a gentle kiss on the head. (See our slideshow). When surfing on the Instagram page of the brunette, we notice that she is an adept of sexy photos. And for some, she is definitely the double of Julie Ricci! “Looks like Julie Ricci,” can be read under some of her posts.

Julie Ricci’s Post-Break-Up Life

On Julie Ricci’s side, she has never confided in a potential new romance. On Instagram, she prefers to share the images of her travels with her friends, like recently in Bodrum, Turkey. The former Secret Story candidate devotes the rest of her time to her two little boys.


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