Julien Courbet & wife Catherine together: a rare sight after 20+ years of marriage!


Julien Courbet’s Private Life

If he is very present in the French audiovisual landscape, Julien Courbet is however very discreet once the filming cameras are turned off. Very secretive about his private life, he does not usually expose members of his family in the media or on social networks. On the occasion of the ninth day of the 122nd Roland-Garros International Tournament, Julien Courbet however made a small exception to his line of conduct and, it was in the company of his very discreet wife (whom he married on July 13, 1998) that he went to the stands of the legendary sporting event. Happy and complicit, the lovebirds were both dressed in very summery white outfits. White trousers, white shirts, white shoes and even white hats, the couple was perfectly matched under the Parisian sun! Both of them were also wearing sunglasses to add a very chic and elegant touch to their plain outfits.

Julien Courbet’s Children

Julien Courbet and his wife Catherine have two children. Their daughter Lola was born on April 20, 2000 and is now 23 years old, while their son Gabin was born more than a year later, on December 10, 2001. If the beautiful Lola Courbet is very active on social networks and especially on Instagram where she counts more than 12,000 followers, her brother Gabin is much more discreet. He has taken care to put his profile in private so that only a handful of people, chosen by him, can have access to his photos. Moreover, every summer, Lola Courbet does not hesitate to display her dream body in a bikini, on paradisiacal beaches. The rest of the year, she posts lifestyle posts and has fun highlighting most of her outfits.

Julien Courbet’s Career

As a reminder, Julien Courbet is at the helm of the show It Can Happen to You, broadcast since 2020 on the M6 channel but since 2001 on RTL! In parallel, he also hosted Without a Doubt from 1994 to 2008 and then from 2013 to 2014 on TF1 and TMC. Note that he also presents the magazine Capital since 2018 on M6. No doubt this Roland-Garros break is welcome to the hardworking presenter!


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