Julien Doré, son & son fils brun: Rares photos baignade sauvage, moments précieux.


Living a Happy Life in the Cévennes

Julien Doré is living a happy life in the Cévennes, a place of peace and seclusion from any commotion. At 41 years old, he is accompanied by his family and two dogs, Simone and Jean-Marc, in this atypical life that suits him and brings him joy. This joy is shared with the 927,000 followers on his Instagram.

Celebrating the Birth of His Son

On Monday August 14th, he was pictured in nature, taking a swim in a river with his son, born in 2021 and with much darker hair than Julien Doré. Julien Doré captioned the photo with the words “And may sweet moments last forever” and tagged the location as “Les lacs du Connerama”, possibly referencing the controversy sparked by Juliette Armanet when she spoke out against Michel Sardou’s song, calling it “immoral” and “right-wing”. Fans of Julien Doré were delighted to see him with his son, as such photos are rare.

The Happiness of Fatherhood

In December 2021, Julien Doré had confirmed the birth of his son. On the show 50′ Inside with Nikos Aliagas, he said: “You know Nikos, 40 years, a life that changes and transforms and makes me understand that now, the young man I was on this stage becomes a man who must also be in the transmission. I am a responsible and happy man”. On the show Les rencontres du papotin on France 2 in November 2022, he spoke more about his life as a father and the anxieties that come with it. He said: “Not too long ago, I thought having a child in this world, that is, deciding that a life would find its place on this planet without having chosen it, I had a lot of trouble imagining it. In any case, I had trouble imagining myself responsible for that choice. And life decided otherwise. Today, I am the happiest of fathers“.


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