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Karine Esquivillon Body Found: Husband Admits Crime to Reassure Kids

Worrying Disappearance Case Moves France

It is a new worrying disappearance case that has moved France. Last March, Karine Esquivillon, mother of five children, suddenly disappeared. According to her husband, Michel Pialle, his 54-year-old wife left the family home completely voluntarily.

Husband Placed in Police Custody

On several occasions, he asked his wife to give him a sign of life and come home. But, in the past few days, the pressure around the husband has tightened. Indeed, this Wednesday, June 14, Michel Pialle, 51, was placed in police custody by the search section of Nantes. And according to information from our colleagues, the man confessed. Indeed, in the night of 15 to 16 June 2023, Michel Pialle admitted to having killed his wife with a firearm. Without giving a motive for the moment, he mentions an accident “in still unclear circumstances”. After confessing, Michel Pialle also indicated the place where he got rid of his wife’s body: a wood in Vendée. Karine Esquivillon, lifeless, was then found by the investigators. This Friday, June 16, he will be presented to investigating judges for “kidnapping and sequestration” as well as “murder”.

Investigation Points to Michel Pialle

Confessions that thus confirm the doubts of the investigators. Indeed, many elements have converged the suspicions of the gendarmes towards Michel Pialle. The investigators realized that Karine Esquivillon’s phone was turned off and turned on several times between March 27 and April 9, a period during which the mother of the family was already missing. And each time, the mobile phone of her husband was located nearby. “The investigators suspect him of having used his wife’s phone to confuse the tracks and send reassuring messages to Karine’s relatives, including their own daughter”. Second element: Michel Pialle repeatedly indicated that his wife had left with a large sum of money and also the family booklet. However, this document was found at their home during the last search. The investigators will now have to find the motive for this crime. Michel Pialle remains innocent of the facts that are reproached to him until the end of the investigation.



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