Kasia Smutniak Red Carpet: Procacci, Taricone Join


A Family Affair at Cannes

Kasia Smutniak, her husband Domenico Procacci, and their daughter Sophie Taricone walked the red carpet of Il Sol dell’Avvenire at Cannes Film Festival, a family-friendly event. Kasia, Domenico, and Sophie Taricone at Cannes ©Getty Images.

A Reminder of Pietro Taricone

Sophie, who turned 18 last September, gets a lot of attention due to her resemblance to her late father Pietro, who passed away in 2010 in a tragic accident. Sophie Taricone and her mother on the red carpet ©Getty Images.

Red Carpet Debut and Private Life

This wasn’t the first time Sophie walked a red carpet; her debut was at the Venice Film Festival in 2018, and she also attended the Rome Film Festival. Sophie is often seen with her mother. Despite the red carpets and spotlights, Sophie’s life remains private; her social media profiles are private, and it does not seem that this will become a habit for her, at least for now.


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