Kate Middleton Murder: CEO of Her Charity Kills Man


A Story of Redemption

Paul Carberry is certainly the man of the moment in the United Kingdom, due to a situation that risks embarrassing Kate Middleton and, above all, one of the charities supported by the princess, Action for Children. Kate Middleton met Carberry in 2022 (he is the man behind her in the photo ©Getty Images). Because the man, who is the CEO of the charitable organization, is a murderer.

The Tragic Events of 1979

The facts date back to 1979, when on a train carrying a group of fans from Scotland to London, Carberry stabbed a boy, Michael McBain, who was sleeping on the train floor, and then attacked another young man, John Murray, 21 years old. Murray suffered the most, losing his life as a result of the injuries he sustained. During the trial it emerged that Carberry was part of the Govan Team, an active gang in Glasgow, and that during the attacks he was drunk. What triggered the fury of the then sixteen-year-old was the attack of one of Carberry’s travel companions on a woman. Hence, the reaction of Murray and McBain, with subsequent fighting and murder. That night also led to the destruction of a family: Murray was expecting a child from his fiancée, Mary Manley, born shortly after the events.

A New Life

Sentenced, Paul Carberry was in prison until 1985 and then began a new life, first working in social work and then climbing the ranks of the organization in which he had been a simple collaborator. The role of CEO arrived in March 2023, and it was this that led the British tabloids to dig into his life in search of inconvenient details. According to the Daily Mail, Kate Middelton, who first met Carberry last year, had no idea of the past of the man, who also holds an important role in his native Scotland: he is Strand Lead for Divert, head of a task force against organized crime. A career that is, clearly, a form of atonement, because all of Carberry’s human journey has been aimed at balancing the books. “It’s something I regret every day of my life. Because of me, a family didn’t have the person they loved,” the man confessed to the Mirror recently. At Action for Children, of course, everyone knew. “He joined us as a manager in 1994. The organization was fully aware of his past. He has helped thousands of children and young people, including those involved in crime, to find work, avoid exploitation and reach their potential,” the charity supported by Kate Middleton said in an official statement. A story of rebirth, although nothing can be erased.


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