Kate Middleton Nature: Surprising Chelsea Flower Show Visit & Love for Nature. Photos


Princess of Wales Surprises at Chelsea Flower Show

On Monday 22 May, the opening day, Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, surprised everyone by attending the Chelsea Flower Show, the most important event of the London season, which takes place every year in the gardens of the Royal Hospital Chelsea and will be open until 27 May. Dressed in pink, with an informal look and in a very good mood, Kate arrived shortly before King Charles III and Queen Camilla, who arrived a few hours later.

Princess Kate Involves Children in the Event

Kate spent most of her time with some children, primary school students, and with them she took part in a picnic on the grass, the first ever during the event. The idea of establishing it was Kate’s, who in 2019 designed a garden, the Back To Nature Garden, and suggested to the organizers of the Chelsea Flower Show that it would be nice to involve the little ones too. Archiving the restrictions due to the pandemic and restarting in a big way, the organizers followed the princess’s advice, today portrayed happier than ever in an environment that is very congenial to her, in the middle of nature and surrounded by children. With the little students she spoke about plants and vegetables, telling them how gratifying it is to see something grown by oneself and then eat it. Her own children do similar experiences at school. “Louis is growing beans,” Kate revealed, “You put them in a cup and you can see the roots growing. They grow fast like sunflowers,” she confided to a child who is growing these flowers in his class. Then the conversation moved on to the benefits of outdoor life: “It does so much good for our bodies and our minds,” were the princess’s words.

Kate Suggests a Special Souvenir for the Little Guests

The idea of admitting children to the Chelsea Flower Show was Kate’s. For the little guests of the event, who asked for a souvenir of the day, no autograph from Kate, who specified that she was not authorized to sign anything: “My name is Catherine, but I can’t write it,” she said (it is a strict rule of the royal family, to avoid that the signatures can be used to create false and illicit documents, ed) but she could draw for them. Palms, trees and flowers, a very special souvenir, definitely more beautiful than an autograph.


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