Kate Middleton shines at Charles & Camilla’s Scottish Coronation.


Kate Middleton: The Strength of the New King

At the “Scottish coronation” of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, which took place on Wednesday 5th July in St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, William and Kate Middleton were naturally present, having flown to Scotland to support the new sovereign. The Prince and Princess of Wales, who in Scotland are the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay (a title inherited by Charles and Camilla after the death of the previous ruler), were this time alone, without their three children George, Charlotte and Louise. Justified absences: the three children, great protagonists of the coronation in London last June, are in fact completing their last week of lessons at their school. This time it was their mother who attracted everyone’s attention: Kate Middleton, dressed in blue – in homage to Scotland and its flag – enchanted everyone. But above all she has shown, for the umpteenth time, that she is one of the key elements of the new king and the post-previous ruler British Crown.

The Sovereign’s Daughter-in-Law

After Camilla, the most important woman in the Royal Family is Kate. The sovereign’s daughter-in-law, one of the key members of the royal clan, is the future of the monarchy. King Charles knows it well. So much so that as soon as he ascended the throne, referring to William, he said to the world: “With Catherine by his side, our new Prince and Princess of Wales will continue, I’m sure, to inspire and lead our national conversations”. Not just words. In concrete terms, in fact, the monarch gave Kate the prestigious role of Honorary Colonel of the Irish Guards, a position previously held by Prince William. And he has a relationship with Middleton based on affection and trust. The princess and her father-in-law liked each other from the start. At the time of William’s engagement, the future king had welcomed Middleton into the royal family with warmth, speaking of her as the “daughter I never had”. And Kate had reciprocated by telling an interviewer that when she entered the royal family Charles had been “very, very welcoming” and “very friendly”. In recent times, according to the British press, the relationship between Charles and the former commoner has further strengthened.

The Pillar of the British Royal Family

And on one of the most important days of the new sovereign, the “Scottish coronation”, Kate, smiling and impeccable as always, showed that she is one of the pillars of the British royal family.


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