Kate Middleton, William & Adelaide Cottage Rules


The Residences of the Royal Family

If Harry and Meghan had an easy life when they decided to renovate their residence, the same cannot be said for Prince William and Kate Middleton. They have been living permanently in Adelaide Cottage, located in Windsor Home Park, a short distance from the castle, for almost a year. The house, classified as Grade II, is a building of particular architectural and historical interest, and has an important history behind it.

Privacy for the Royal Family

Since they moved here, Kate and William have had more privacy than they had at Kensington Palace, especially for their three children. The outdoor spaces of the Adelaide Cottage are totally private, no stranger can access the property. The residence also has another advantage: it is a short distance from Middleton’s house, an ideal solution for the children to spend quality time with their maternal grandparents.

A New School Life for the Children

Together with the move, a new school life has also begun for them. After the first years at Thomas’s Battersea School, the children of the Prince of Wales have been enrolled at Lambrook and it seems that George will go to Eton in three years, which is always a short distance from Adelaide Cottage. It is not certain that this housing solution will be forever, but for the moment, it is the winning one.


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