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Kate Middleton & William’s Ex-Lover Reunited: Here’s Why It Doesn’t Add Up

The Marchesa of Cholmondeley

First of all, should you happen to meet her, remember to call her by her name: the Marchesa of Cholmondeley, for the mysteries of the English language is pronounced “Chumley”. Rose, born Hanbury, seemed to have disappeared from the scene, and with her the only real juicy gossip that ever touched the golden couple of the English Crown, the perfect family of the Princes of Wales: William and Kate.

The Rumors of an Affair

Rose Hanbury, the neighbor of Kate in Norfolk, friend of picnics, trips, dinners and children’s parties dressed like little lords, according to a real gossip that suddenly broke out in 2018, would (have been, or still be) the lover of Prince William. Kate, at the first rumor of her sympathy with her husband, would have immediately imposed on him to cut ties. Then the rumor, published on social media and then promptly deleted by a couple of English journalists, was ridden in the imagination until the whisper that the third daughter of Rose, now 7 years old, could even be the daughter of the Prince of Wales (paradoxical, right? Yet the secret children of the Royals abound in English history so the gossips ride it).

Kate and Rose Reunited

Follies aside, that Kate in fact took care/was alarmed of the thing would be quite confirmed by the prompt intervention of the English “friendly” press, which at the time of the news of the break of the two alleged rivals (no one ever named William, clear), ran to define the thing “totally false”, announcing that the interested parties were considering the idea of a lawsuit. A bit too much for a neighbor. Instead a few days ago here is Kate, appearing at the great 24-hour concert-rave party, the Houghton Festival of Norfolk, in jeans and black t-shirt and right together with Rose. Who incidentally hosted the event at her home, in the 32 square kilometers of park of Houghton Hall, her estate complete with white deer in the Norfolk countryside, ancient, Palladian and built for the first Prime Minister in history. A place that compared to Downton Abbey is a shack (if you want to visit it, in summer it is open to the public, sometimes there is also a refined outdoor cinema).

Out innocent between well-bred girls who love the countryside, the Mass at Sandrigham with the Queen and their circle of friends. And the two have much more in common than expected. For example, always loose hair, a passion for fluid and light clothes, Rose a little less rigid, perhaps a little more sensual and decadent than Kate (often poses in very refined pajamas, but of course she doesn’t have to become Queen and can afford it…)



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