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Kate & William’s “Elephant Move” on the Lawn (Why Not Everyone Was Convinced)

The Royal Couple in the Spotlight

Kate and William, the now hyperactive Prince and Princess of Wales, are back in the spotlight. She, radiant, proud, and fabulous as always (for her dress fans: the “cornflower blue” number is by Beulah London, 644 euros, not yet sold out but it’s only a matter of hours). He, easy-going and smiling, running to kiss her on the field in his polo outfit – definitely the sexiest male outfit the Windsor dynasty can afford, it even worked with Charles… – and, in fact, William looks better in it than in the black cloak from The Throne of Swords coronation.

Catherine and William’s Message

The photos of the Prince and Princess of Wales at the Royal Charity Polo Cup in Windsor have gone around the world because the royal couple has been showing affection and good humor lately, as if it were the day of their wedding. Catherine, without children and with a picnic basket, greets her husband William before the Out-Sourcing Inc. Royal Charity Polo Cup 2023 game in Windsor. She, usually a bit stiff with a teacup in one hand and one of the three princes in the other, this time left them at home and used a champagne cup as an accessory. She also left the lacquer, the perfect fold and the very royal chignon at home, and for one who has been leaving nothing to chance for at least 20 years like Kate, it will not be a forgetfulness: William has recently been photographed dancing and drinking in shirtsleeves with his historic friends in a London nightclub without her and now the message (for him or for the public? Maybe both) even if delivered with the most loving smile could be an alert, a real red flag: “Attention, I am here too, I am fabulous, I put on these impossible heels that sink into the lawn: I can make your life difficult when I feel like it”.

Prince Charles and Diana’s Example

However it went, the prince relaxed his clenched jaw, which, even if some indiscreet stories have been revealed on the tabloids in recent days by former staff members, has earned him the reputation of being irascible and subject to terrible mood swings (“William is like a fourth child for Kate: he gets angry often and at home cushions often fly”, is the latest of the rumors circulating). And he also proudly showed off the unusual trophy of the game, a stuffed elephant that looks like it was stolen from the prince Louis’s room and, in his hands, it does look a bit childish. She, under the mascara, also seems to be saying, here’s the prize you deserve… Catherine of Wales and Prince William at the Royal Charity Polo Cup 2023 on July 6. The trophy is a cheeky plush elephant. The kiss at the end of the game. Same field, another couple, William’s father, then Prince Charles, kissing his wife Diana Prince Charles in 1983.



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