Katy Perry collapses in the middle of shooting American Idol, the reasons revealed

Member of the jury of the talent show American Idol for three seasons, Katy Perry suddenly collapsed on the set !

On the set of American Idol in Oregon, Katy Perry was the victim of a terrible malaise. The chain has released a preview of the episode on Sunday 23rd February 2020. There are the judges : Katy Perry, singer Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, who was forced to stop the hearings because of a gas leak. The site american People has revealed another clip in which we hear a pop star say, ” you smell gas ? It is pretty intense ! “And then we see it rise and add “ I have a headache because of it. Oh, this is bad, this is very bad. “Follows a generalized chaos, punctuated by the fire alarm and the arrival of the fire department. A young singer is interrupted in the full hearing, Lionel Richie is worried about the intensity of the smell of Propane and all persons present on the site are evacuated to the outside of the building. It is a time out that Katy Perry complained, “I don’t feel very well” she said before of collapse literally on the ground, as you can see in the last frames of the sequence broadcast by the string ABC.

A happy ending

If the scene has all the suspense of a thriller worthy of Murder (aired by ABC), the reality is that we has already offered a spoiler of the ending of the story : Katy Perry goes well. The filming is taking place months in advance, we know that Katy Perry has recovered from the incident, having been seen at several events since. Then what happened after its fall ? No doubt her fiance Orlando Bloom stepped in on his white horse !