Katy Perry : her declaration of love too cute to Orlando Bloom for his birthday

It is at the foot of the pyramid of Giza that the lovely Katy Perry has immortalized his beloved Orlando Bloom 13 January. The opportunity to repeat to the one who shared his life for almost four years how much she loves him…

Katy Perry has posted a photo of her boyfriend Orlando Bloom at the foot of the mythical pyramids of Cairo. We see the actor dressed in a relaxed and obviously extremely happy. But the interpreter Roar is clearly less sensitive to the beauty of the landscape than the one with which she contemplates. Under the photo she wrote : “a Lot of people ask how were built the pyramids… I am in awe and I wonder how someone so loving/ kind/ compassionate/ who knows how to provide unconditional support/talented/deeply spiritual/ have I also mentioned how beautiful it is ?/a James Bond – so how does this supernatural being can exist in the form of a being of flesh and blood ? Children and animals run right between his arms, and there is an excellent explanation to this… It is his heart, so pure. I love you Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Copeland Bloom. I wish you a wonderful 43rd anniversary.”

A shared love

The singer of 35 years has recently revealed in Vogue India that she had suffered a severe depression between 2017 and 2018-the period where the couple had separated “I was depressed, and I didn’t want to get out of my bed. In the past, I would have been able to overcome it, but this time, something happened and it made me fall to the lowest“. Despite the separation, the actor is without hesitation came to the rescue of his ex, and the flame is rekindled to the point that in February 2019 the dad of Flynn 9 years – born of his union with Miranda Kerr – has asked the singer to marry him.

Touched by the declaration of his lover Orlando replied with a comment : “Ready to climb all the pyramids, and all the mountains with you“. It is jealous !

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Many people wonder how the pyramids were actually built… but me, I am in constant awe and wonder of how such a loving/kind/compassionate/supportive/talented/deeply spiritual/did I mention incredibly good looking/James Bond of a human being can actually exist in the flesh! There’s a reason why all animals and children run straight into his arms… It’s his heart, so pure. I love you Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Copeland Bloom. Happiest 43rd year. ♥️🎂♠️

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